Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are.
We are a group of prostate cancer patients, carers and relatives supported by interested health care professionals.

What We Do

We meet regularly (monthly) as a group in a relaxed and informal way to talk, listen and share with each other issues that are affecting out lives.

We invite specialist speakers to talk to us about a wide range of subjects ranging from motivational and educational to general interests.

We sometimes arrange other social activities such as theater, shows, week-ends away, walks, meals together, etc.
We liaise with health and support group professionals to ensure we are alsways updated on the latest treatment developments and issues related to prostate cancer and general health.
We maintain contact with Local, County and National Prostate Cancer organistations and groups to support their aims, particularly their awareness and early screening campaigns.

4 responses to “Who We Are and What We Do

  1. Alan Alexander


    should NCUHT be providing a leaflet explaining my prostate biopsy.

  2. Doug Thompson


    I was on a recent PC event hosted by the Penny Brohn cancer care in Carlisle recently.

    I just wish to send personal greetings to your whole group and to the guys I met on the course.

    Onwards and upwards to everyone.

    Doug Thompson


  3. Hello Alan,
    Sorry to take so long to reply you slipped through the net. Yes you should have been given leaflets with the information about your prostate biopsy. No doubt you will have had the results by now, hopefully. If I can be of any assistance you can contact me direct on James101@talktalk.net.


  4. Hi Doug,
    Thanks for the contact I think we all got something from the course. If there are any more I think may be useful I will get in contact.



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